Returning to work after Maternity!


What do I hear you say….Back to work is looming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Returning to work after a Maternity of 11months…I tried to act casual, ‘oh yeah, I can’t wait to go back to work,’ ‘I’ll be grateful of the rest.’ However really I was feeling all the usual, nervous, guilty, lost.  I am very fortunate as my in-laws look after him 3 days per week and the remaining 2 days he is at a child-minders whom I know very well. So I had comfort in the fact I wouldn’t have to start a relationship from afresh for both of us.

Before I knew it the date had came rushing in, I packed us both up and I found myself in work at 8 o’clock… for my 9 o’clock start…A little too eager or was it baby brain, I can’t remember!!  Anyhow, apart from the fact I missed my little cherub, work was great.  I fell back into my natural routine after a couple of weeks and it was like I was never away.  I work in a sales role so it was great to get chatting and use my brain for something other than remembering the last time Freddie had ate.

Its now been 10months since I’ve returned to work, so I’ve well settled in.  Some days I get a case of severe mum guilt as I drop him off, when he’s either sick or just craving my attention.  On these days I remind myself that I work for him, I work to provide for him and I know that any spare time we have, I cram as many activities for us to enjoy. I’m doing my best!

Some things I’ve learnt ….

At the beginning Freddie knew what was going on-he cried for the first few weeks-especially at naptime-In hindsight I should have settled him in a bit earlier.

I send a log with him, call me a control freak but I like to know what’s going on-most nurseries will do this anyway but it’s good to keep up to date with what he has done during the day.

Organisation is key. I made sure I had a large back pack & a compartment lunchbox- I pack his lunch (yes, I’m that freak,) and have his clothes ready for a quick transition in the morning (and by quick I mean a sweat inducing chasing match- to get his clothes on!)

Housework isn’t important-and speaking as a self-confessed clean freak-I’ve learnt to prioritise. Believe me, it was a struggle but your kids won’t remember the times you cleaned the floors with zoflora!

While you may feel guilty, you’re working to provide for your child! It’s good for you, it’s good for them and I find I appreciate my time with him more.

Anyway enough of me rambling on-To any of you that have the return to work date looming-You just have to DO IT! Get your hair done, some new work clobber, Feel CONFIDENT! It’s going to be ok!

Thanks for reading guys!

Rita xx


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