Flower Arranging at Kilcoan Gardens

I LOVE flowers but I don’t know a daffodil from a daisy as my dad would say. Flower faffing is where my forte lies so when I discovered this little treasure in County Antrim, I was delighted to hear they did all types floral arranging classes.

An organic garden that lies over 5 acres and has matured over the past 20 years- it truly is breath-taking from all angles! The gardens are made up of several little nooks, herb areas, a cut flower field and they even grow their own vegetables.

The morning began with a guided tour of the stunning extended gardens.  The whole place is sensational-the smell of strongly scented roses and many other botanical treats awaited.  Every corner you turn is more impressive than the last.  Once we had seen all around we made our way to the renovated barn.  We had some homemade organic baked goodies and a cup of something warm, from fine china..obviously!   All sounds very idyllic until we got our hands on the flowers..Just kidding.

Hand tied floral arranging is what we came for, so Cherry began by talking us through the steps to take before tying our bouquets ready for the transit home.


Step 1-Gather and organize the flowers and foliage that you will use. Prepare the flowers by pulling the leaves off the flower stems and have everything laid out so that each stem is easy to grab. TIP: Cut you flowers as close to dawn or dusk and immediately put them in water for the least overnight. Its helps to stop wilting and your flowers will last longer.

Step 2. In one hand hold one stem and add the flowers at an angle with the flower pointing to your nose. Each time you add a stem turn your bunch clockwise, make sure to keep adding to the  same side and in the same direction.  It’s tricky at the start but once you get it going you can see it all coming together. You will notice all your stems appearing like the picture above-splayed out.


Step 3. Look at your bouquet, even have someone else hold it and look at it from afar and if you see any gaps or something looks off, add another stem by poking it down the middle. TIP: If you want a tight arrangement hold it closer to the flowers head and if you want a looser arrangement, naturally, go lower!


Step 4. Now, once your happy tie your flowers with a bit of string or if you have floral arranging tape, even better. Be sure not to wrap too tightly-as you still want your flowers to drink loads of water to keep them fresher for longer.  If you plan on giving them away you can wrap in cellophane, make sure to leave a gap to add water to the bottom. You never want your flowers out of water for too long as it really impedes on their lifespan. And there you have it, a perfectly formed bouquet!

All in all a lovely way to spend a baby free afternoon if you ask me.  At least now I know the flowers that I hack from my garden will last a bit longer and look presentable.  The key is constant WATER and cutting them at the right time of day, who knew!

Honestly, Cherry could not be more lovely and I look forward to the Christmas workshops this year.  I have linked her website below so if your local I would DEFINITELY recommend popping in or signing up for an upcoming class.  You can even visit the grounds and get a cup of tea & a homemade treat for £3.50. Also the whole place is INSTA GOLD!

Website – https://kilcoangardens.co.uk/

Happy Floral Faffing!




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