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I was kindly gifted this lovely little kitchen, only problem is…..Its bright red. I mean I’m all for a bit of red at Christmas but I’m more of a muted tone gal.  I toyed with the idea of getting it sprayed by a local company (or just leaving it in the garage) but the hefty £200.00 bill changed my mind quite quickly.  I scrolled through Pinterest and stumbled upon painted kids kitchens and thought that seems like a fairly easy idea.

I decided upon using Rust-Oleum chalky finish furniture paint in the shade duck egg. I have previously used the paint on other upcycle projects in my home.   Its very reasonably priced compared to other similar brands, easy to use and has exceptional coverage.  Also, its water based so it has virtually no odor which is fab with a toddler running around while you paint!

Products Used:

Rust-Oleum Duck Egg – Chalky Finish Furniture Paint -750ml

Rust-oluem Furniture Wax-400ml Clear Wax

Total project price:


PS: Plenty left over for future projects.


To begin I prepped the work surface (removing handles etc.)  The kitchen had lots of staining and grime on it from being well used.  I didn’t want any of it ruining the finish so I scrubbed it down with sugar soap and left it to dry.  Usually I would use a primer of some sort and in hindsight if I was doing it again I would use the Rustoleum surface primer-it actually makes your paint go further.  I ended up doing 3 coats when usually it would only take 2  I’m guessing because the unit was BRIGHT red! A tip I have is to use a small paint brush for all the intricate bits and then a miniature sponge roller for the rest, it works wonders for the finish.

To finish I used the furniture finishing wax, it’s a colourless polish and helps protect the paint. I just applied it with an old cloth using the rub on, rub off method.  The piece is left feeling soft with a slight velvety sheen.  The wax helps make the unit water-repellent-which is great because no doubt there’ll be water in that sink from time-to-time.

Anyway, we had one happy customer when the project was finished and I hope it keeps him happy for MANY MANY hours! (even if it is a bit GIRLY according to my husband! )

(Mess in the kitchen already…Just like his dad!)

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