The Story of your Birth- Freddie

This is one of those blogs I’ve had second thoughts about posting..Why?  I’m not sure-maybe it’s because I don’t think I can do the whole experience justice.  Or maybe I’m worried about who will see it (those judgmental ones-closer to know!)  Anyhow-I thought bugger it, I enjoy a birth story myself, So here goes….

It’s the 30th October,  I was 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first baby.  I had just been to my cousin’s wedding the day before and was exhausted-so spent the day faffing around the house and getting in and out of know watching meaningless rubbish on the ipad…living the child free dream!

My back had been hurting at the wedding but I had put it down to wearing heels all day so never really thought much about it. I had just finished work 3 days prior so was looking forward to some rest and recuperation before the baby came. I had massages booked, lunch dates set, some final cleaning to do and we had to take antenatal classes! I, in my wisdom thought for sure, I would be well overdue! In fact, I had picked the 16th November as that was an induction date I was given.

How wrong was I! 

Its 8 o’clock in the evening, I stood up out of the bed to use the bathroom and felt some warm water trickling down my leg…’I hadn’t wet myself I thought?’  I walked a little further…allot more water starting running! I thought ‘holy good feck, what do I do?’  Anyhow we decided on ringing the maternity ward and advised them of the goings on and the lady casually said ‘you’ll need to come in.’

At lightning speed, I threw on clothes and lobbed a bag into the car boot. We arrived at the hospital about 10minutes later. In excitement/panic I made Colin park or abandon the car right where the ambulances do pickups. All the urgency was not required, funny enough!

We arrived on the labour ward to get me checked over… the lovely midwife confirmed it was my waters and advised me I was 2cm dilated.  Colin stayed for a few hours but not much happened, a few tightening’s at the most.   So he was advised to go home and rest, while I was admitted to the maternity ward for observation.  Once your waters break you and baby are susceptible to infection so I was happy to remain under the medical professional’s watchful eye!

That night I didn’t sleep much, I had mild cramps and I spent the night googling! As you do! You see, the midwife advised me if nothing happened within 24 hours I would need to be induced. While googling I read down the various forums about being induced and it kind of petrified me. Words like forced and unnatural where very prominent in most entries. I have to say birth itself never really scared me, both my grandmothers had most of their children at home.   So surely I could give birth in a hospital surrounded by highly qualified individuals. That was my thoughts anyway!

When Colin arrived the next day we walked, we walked up and down stairs.  We did laps of the hospitals grounds; I was going to get this baby out with no induction!  I went back to the ward intermittently to be put on monitors to make sure baby was happy but spent most of the day walking.

This is when it picked up!

It’s 6 o’clock in the evening on the 31st December.  I had just been checked by a lovely consultant, this time I was 4cm dilated, possibly 5.  Absolutely delighted that no induction would be needed now, I continued the hospital marathon.  At this point I had strong cramps but they weren’t majorly overwhelming.  It wasn’t until about an hour after this, (while still on the maternity ward) I was pausing for contractions and making some sort of humming noise. Did we think to notify anyone I was having contractions at close intervals?? Or that the intensity had changed…NO. 🙈

At 9 o’clock when the ward staff switched over, the new midwife came to introduce herself to us. Whilst she sat there she noticed contractions where fairly close and lasting longer than a minute…I was moved down to the labour ward within 10 minutes.

When we arrived, monitors were attached and I waited to be examined again. Contractions where pretty strong at this time and I was offered some pain relief which I declined.  I hadn’t been against pain relief I just assumed it would be a long process so wanted to keep possible pain meds to the end part.   On examination I was 7cm dilated,  I looked at the clock and it was 10 o’clock Halloween night. I was only due on the 13th November, I couldn’t believe it.  So I got changed and sat on a birthing ball, I had read they were good for helping baby descend into the birthing canal.  This was also the only position I was comfortable in. I made contact with my sister and told her I was on the labor ward now but I imagined it would be a long process so don’t expect any nightly phone calls!


How wrong was I, 30 minutes after I’d been checked they couldn’t get the babies heartbeat on the monitor… so a head midwife arrived and explained a clip would be placed on babies head…though the problem was I would need to get off the birthing ball and onto the bed on my back.

I’ll have to admit now, this was the most painful…moving from the birthing ball to lying on my back. I explained to her on the way up (which felt like it took FOREVER) that my body was pushing and I couldn’t stop it…I think she thought I was delirious.

Eventually after some very graceful moves…I got up on my back…Instead of attaching a clip to babies’ head she declared, ‘you weren’t telling fibs my love,’ ‘push on your next contraction!’  Low and behold just three pushes later our beautiful baby boy Freddie was born! I honestly can’t even remember who announced him as a boy either; I just remember seeing that gorgeous wee face! And everything that was going on around me was a blur.

Straight up onto my chest he was set and I looked at him and said to Colin, ‘why is he so cute?’  My heart was beating so fast, I was in utter shock how quickly it had all happened. Freddie was so alert, we just stared at each other forever-it seemed like I knew him my whole life.  I remember looking at Colin and neither of us could even speak. It really is a true miracle bringing life into the world! Holding your baby for the first time is something special and I thank god everyday I had the opportunity to do it! These words don’t even begin to cover it.

While I look forward to my next birth experience I’m under no illusion that it could be a very different.  I think it’s important to note not all birth experiences are bad. I can say I’m the worlds biggest worrier and in fact suffer from white coats syndrome. Hospitals freak me out but with the birth of my son I forced myself to remain calm. In the end I did quite enjoy the experience. And who would ever think they could say that!!!

Anyhow hopefully I’ll be updating with another reasonably good birth story in a few months!!




  1. Sophie d
    February 27, 2018 / 7:57 am

    Such a positive story, I love reading birth stories and would love to share all of mine. just need to get my bum into gear with starting a blog! Any tips would be useful!! X

  2. Lauren
    February 27, 2018 / 9:21 am

    Such a positive story to share. I never had a great time with my first birth. Hopefully if i’m lucky enough to carry a baby I hope to have a lovely experience like this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. March 20, 2018 / 2:00 pm

    Cried at how beautiful this story is. I love to hear such a positive birth story. Freddie is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait for the next installment xx

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