Pacapod-Making your day out Easier! Yes to that 🙌🏻

Changing bags-who knew you definitely should invest in one?

Not me that’s for sure! When endeavouring on the birth of my first child I never knew the importance of good daily luggage. My chosen changing bag came standard as part of my pram deal. It matched my pram so it seemed silly to look any further

After a few months I knew next time round I would definitely get something more fit to purpose. I looked around and did a bit of research. I wanted something to carry me through to weaning & best of all I needed something roomy because with a toddler in toe they would need some bag space also.

When Pacapod contacted me to collaborate I had a look at their options and couldn’t see past their Fortuna-Tan bag. To me it’s stylish, durable and spacious enough to fit all my requirements!

The bag is different from traditional totes in that the leather is soft and durable so it tends not to be as clumpy and restrictive. Making it a much easier bag to carry and juggle when you have your hands full.

The additional feature which I think is fab with these bags? is the organisation system! Who doesn’t need help with organisation?

The 3 in 1 system is easily accessible from either the top zip of the side panel! Once opened it reveals 2 pouches. The map printed pod is fully insulated so well suited to be used as a feeder pod. It can keep items cold or warm. So brilliant for toddler food or baby milk.

The additional pod is used as the changer pod. I have been able to get both sets of nappies (toddler not toilet trained, YET,) wipes and nappy creams in here. So plenty of room.

The joy about this bag is you don’t have any stray bits and bobs floating about your bag. So on a day out your aren’t hoking and poking trying to find the tube of nappy cream while a baby lies on a changing table in a public restroom… we’ve all been there!

An additional thing I love is how you can take just the pods. So if for example you are out and about and need only the changing bag you can clip it onto the pram and go.

Anyhow I’ll stop going on about how fab it is. It totally speaks for itself….Here’s the website, you won’t be stuck for style, practicality and value for money!




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