The story of your birth-Sadie Hilary 💕

Like most things in life I approached our second birth with the same mindset as I had during my first…’what will be, will be.’

This second pregnancy certainly wasn’t without its challenges though. We had early scans, bleeding and later in the pregnancy diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which I managed to keep under control via diet.) As well as a baby measuring below the 10th percentile from about 20 weeks.

So really when I went in for my what had became my weekly growth scan at 37 + 5 days. I wasn’t surprised that not only had the growth slowed right down but the fluid surrounding the baby had decreased as well. I was advised I’d be booked in for an induction the next day and to be honest I was quite happy with that! I just wanted the baby here safe and if that’s what it took then so be it. The consultant give me a sweep and sent me on my merry way to get plans in place.

Having went into spontaneous labour with my son obviously I went home and googled the life out of induction! The piece of paper she had given me to be passed to delivery suite, had a bishops score on it- which according to google verified I was no more dilated that my husband! Great!

With that in mind we headed to hospital the next morning at 8am knowing we were in for the LONG haul! The first stage was insertion of the prostaglandin tape. She confirmed at this point I was about 2cm dilated and the head wasn’t engaged either. Apparently it’s not uncommon for second babies to stay up high until delivery. They even scanned me to check the baby wasn’t breech! We put the day in walking all the stairs in the hospital, eating lunch and my sister popped in with some necessary supplies. At about 11pm Colin called it a night and I went back to the ward to rest. At this point I was having mild tightenings but nothing unmanageable.

The night continued along that same pattern, mild cramping and nothing exciting. I got a fair amount of rest that night as the ward was empty. To be honest according to my notes, I hardly woke up when the midwife came in to do hourly Doppler checks!

I had been advised the next morning I would be checked by a consultant and at some point in the day transferred to delivery. The aim was to break my waters and link me up to a hormone drip to kick off the contractions. To my surprise that happened at 930am! Colin arrived just in the nick of time to bring me my breakfast (gestational diabetes and hospital food do not work well!! Toast or cereal the two options offered, spiked my blood sugar!)

Anyhow, breakfast eaten, waters broke and hormone drip in I could start to feel the tightenings getting fact they went from 0-90 in about 15 minutes, no joke! At this point I was sure if this level of pain was to last all day or further I would be needing an epidural or some kind of sedation to cope!

With the gestational diabetes I had to have my blood/urine checked a couple of times to make sure everything was ok. So when I returned from the bathroom I was informed my ketones where quite high. This can be quite dangerous but I knew it was due to the fact I hadn’t eaten much of anything substantial for breakfast but due to being induced I was no longer allowed food and instead they popped me on a drip.

At around 1130 (2 hours in) the baby started having some heart decelerations, with every contraction I had. It happened a couple of times in a row so as well as my midwife we were joined by the Snr Midwife and the consultant. They all watched as each contraction would come and go (while moving me side to side.) After about 30 minutes of this I knew things weren’t as it should be. The consultant announced she would have to do a fetal blood sample. She explained this would check the oxygenation of baby (via scratching the babies head for a sample…via the cervix! Yikes) and if the results weren’t as they should be it would result in an emergency c section. Surprisingly I wasn’t bothered, I just wanted the baby out safe.

At that point, I still hadn’t had any pain medicine or gas and air. (I was offered gas and air but it made me feel nauseous.) So when they started taking the fetal samples..I could feel EVERYTHING. First fetal sample began at 1231….inconclusive. Second fetal sample….inconclusive. The consultant announced “baby has lots of hair, it’s making it difficult for us to get a proper reading.” Great, how dignifying, having your bits eye level with 3 people for this amount of time is just perfect! But to be honest you’d take anything for the safe arrival of your baby.

Then everything changed, while they were fetal sampling I was dilating at a rapid rate..I started at 5cm when they started the sampling and while she took the fifth just 20 minutes later…yes FIFTH fetal sample she said ‘Rita if you feel the urge go ahead and push on the next contraction.’ I did, I really did feel it, I felt the whole baby move. Three contractions later out popped a healthy pink, BREATHING GIRL at 1254.

I was worried about her after all the commotion during labour and even in pregnancy. But she was perfectly healthy, seemingly she had the cord round her neck and that was most likely the cause of the heart decelerations.

I cried…in shock I think. Shock at how fast it all got towards the end. My husband cried because it was a girl. He followed them over as they give her a check over. And just stood there sobbing, looking at her. She was just perfect and weighed 6lb2oz, which wasn’t that much smaller than my son at 6lb 8oz. We had two girls names, But after a quick look at her we decided on Sadie because we liked it and Hilary after my mum. I was still utterly shocked it was a girl, I was sure she was a boy! But there she was, little Sadie Hilary!

After a quick check over and the declaration on ZERO TEARS! 🙌🏻 I got up and had a shower and had my toast…the bread was glorious as I hadn’t eaten white bread in 6months!! I was then transferred to the ward to enjoy the newborn bubble.

So that is that!-Induction wasn’t as bad as google had confirmed. While the intensity of the contractions came much faster than my natural labour. They did there job quicker and my labour was much shorter. Active labour was about 40minutes according to my notes.


As the whole process was quicker, we didn’t get time for lovely pictures. 😂


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