The Art of card giving at Christmas!

Maybe it’s a thing as I’ve became older or maybe its something that has been engrained in me from a young age….but christmas card giving is my favourite! Receiving a card by post or hand to me, is just something very special. To know that the person spent time reading text and reflecting on its content just with you in mind-is something very precious. With that in mind I have spent this year choosing my Christmas cards online. I wanted to create some original styles with a personalised message. And it seems Rosemood UK have all bases covered in this department. With a beautiful selection of both traditional and contemporary designs your sure to find the perfect choice for friends or family.

I normally send cards personalised with my children’s photos on them (which they do also,) but this year I wanted to do something a little different! I thought I would choose a design and write something Meaningful inside, specific to the recipient. To get started, I used the website to set up my own account. You know, Incase I was disturbed by little people during the production… it meant I could save and come back to it later, which worked perfect for me. Once my designs were chosen and personalised verses/messages intact. I set my order up for payment.

Did you know, this year Rosemood UK have decided to give back? They have launched a charity Christmas card selection. TEN percent of the card value will be donated to one of the selected charities. You can choose which you prefer when checking out, see list here.

Once ordered the personalised Christmas cards go to a graphic design team, who check over the card for any mistakes. This proved to be very helpful as it turned out…I spelt the name of my road wrong!! Did I mention I have ‘baby brain! Once the crisis was averted the team had me check over one last time for any changes, the orders were sent to print.

The christmas cards arrived very quickly, perfectly packaged and all in order. So naturally, I’ve wasted no time on getting them all filled out and ready for posting!

I will definitely be using this service again. The website was extremely easy to use and the quality of the christmas cards are fab.

Someone once told me the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving!


Rita x

In collaboration with Rosemood UK


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