Step into Spring-Easy 3 step Tutorial-Spring Wreath 🌼

SPRINGI’ve been waiting for you! It’s no secret to anyone how much I love a botanical injection.  That’s what I LOVE about Spring….Nature all of a sudden wakens up and  starts coming back to life! However, until all the spring flowers are out in full bloom I’ve decided to make a spring wreath with a whimsical feel for my daily fix…and what’s better is I’m going to show you how!! Using some delicate spring like artificial flowers-see below for an EASY step by step guide! Please NOTE….THIS is EASY let your creativity flow! 

What you need;


Rattan Grapevine wreath 

Glue gun


Rose Leaves 12 Pack

Asparagus Bush

Filler Flowers

Verbana, Mixture of Colours

Gysophila Spray, Cream and Blue

Gypsophila Bundle

Finishing Flowers

Pastel Flower Heads

Cream Daisy Pink Bundle

There is a large selection of artificial flowers click here for more.

Before beginning I like to take all packaging off and get my items in order according to the above categories.  Take a pair of Secateurs and be sure to cut the flowers (with some length for grip) off the main stem. Preparation is key, now to the fun part! This is a no stress activity! Let’s enjoy!FIRST STEP

Using your rattan wreath, take the greenery and cover its entirety to create a base.  The rattan wreath is a great base as you simply slip the stem under the twigs and it will hold the flowers really well.  Obviously for the trickier bits you can use your gluegun.  Once you feel satisfied with your coverage.. We move on to STEP 2.  Also on a side note, this is my design…if you wish to cover only half of the wreath, this can be an effective style too.   The beauty of a rattan wreath in comparison to say, an oasis wreath is leaving some of the base exposed is just as charming.


This time we want to inject some colour! I like to use the small flowers (filler flowers) to build on our greenery base , so it all has good coverage.  Just like before, push and weave the stems in around the rattan wreath.  I usually use a clockwise motion when doing so as it ensures I don’t miss a spot.  Again design is a personal choice but I have used all the smaller flowers to cover up all the gaps the greenery didn’t cover. This is the perfect craft for those who are less confident in their ability…because there is no right way! Just do as your heart desires!! Now let’s move onto STEP 3


Guess what!! This is the LAST STEP…can you believe it? I told you it was Super EASY! To begin with have your glue gun ready to hand, it only takes a few seconds to heat. Once ready have your finishing flowers in place ready for action. As they tend to be the bigger or brighter flowers I like to have them concentrated in one area, so they have a great impact. Using the glue gun carefully place a drop of glue and secure them into place by pressing them on your desired area. One you feel you’ve made enough impact with your finishing flowers hang the wreath up and take a look at it to see if you want to change anything! Make those small little changes if needs be and VOILA! Wreath completed….in 3 Easy steps, or 4 if you count preparation!

Now you’ve completed you wreath, display as you will.  You can use it to greet guests on a front door, give it to someone as a gift or if your like me…so proud of my work…I like to carry it around! Go ahead, step into Spring with your spring wreath.

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Please note these items were gifted and this is a paid collaboration with Hobbycraft.  As a side note…I’ve used them for years, so this is very much a dream collaboration for me!

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