Amsterdam – a quick Tour during Tulip Season! 🌷

Every year thousands of people flock to the rural areas of Amsterdam to get a glimpse of the tulip fields in full bloom.  Visiting flower fields has become a bit of a habit for me, so when the flights were released in 2018 I booked them straight away.  I got a great deal for 2 people of about £140.00 to include one checked bag on Easyjet. As the tulip fields are in the more rural areas of Amsterdam I booked a hotel at the airport as it’s a midway point between Lisse and Amsterdam central.  The cost was about £200.00 including breakfast, so only £50.00 per night, per person. So reasonable enough! Tulip fields are dotted all over Lisse, however it’s disrespectful and very bad tulip field etiquette to just fence hop into any old field.  So, we decided to book an official visit with the team at Fam Flower Farm.  We paid €40.00 for a visit and this included; a bunch of tulips, tea, coffee and some stroopwaffles!  The exact field location was released to us 24 hours before, as these are working fields they cut the flowers and move location daily.  During the months of tulip season a bus runs directly from the airport to Kuekenhoff half hourly.  We used this for the main bulk of the journey and it cost around €10.00 return.  Once you reach the entrance to the Kuekenhoff flower exhibition (read more about this here) we hired some bikes and the journey to the field took us around 20minutes.

As you cycle around, it’s quite breath taking.  The colours are phenomenal, there isn’t much of a smell but I was delighted at that, suffering from hayfever and visiting flower fields can be quite a risk! Call me dangerous!Haha!As we went to the fields extremely early we had some time to explore Amsterdam central.  It wasn’t hard to work out the transport system and we got a train/tram to Dam square very easily.  The inner city of Amsterdam is very picturesque.  We happened to go on Kings weekend (the kings birthday,) so the city was absolutely buzzing! Thousands of people were in the streets, and on the canals.  We got something to eat at the famous Avocado show, had a couple of drinks and then hit a street party! All the locals were super friendly and got us involved in the festivities! It’s a shame we didn’t have longer in the city, because it was really fab.  The city is home to some seriously world famous museums; Van Gogh, Ann name but a few. I will most definitely be back, the flight was so short and the city is really accessible.Anyhow that’s just a really quick version of events! If your thinking about visiting or have any questions let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Rita x


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