A Day Cruising the lough! 💕

  • Recently we’ve been trying to fill our weekends with wonderful memorable adventures!  With Freddie starting school and myself back to work we treasure our weekends.  This weekend’s adventure sent us to Co. Fermanagh, a place I have many fond memories in, especially our wedding!Fermanagh is blessed with top notch scenery, famous historical landmarks and a diverse range of activities.  Famed for its numerous lakes it seemed only right we hit the water, on a boat of course! We had a look and the best option for day rental  and found the hire at manor house marine to be the best option.   One full day rental for a boat with a small berth, fit to accommodate 8 people worked out at £135.00.  We had the boat from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, so plenty of time to explore and stop off for lunch.
  • After a short briefing on how we got the boat cruising-we set off.  Having cruised on the lough before we knew we wanted to stop at Devenish island, so that was our first port.  The Island is only accessible via water, and as well as some old ruins dating back to 6th century it has a cracking view!  We had planned to BBQ at our first stop but the island is a strict no BBQ area, we opted for some snacks to tie us over and headed onward to our next stop.The weather was glorious, I believe it reached 23 degrees but luckily as the boat moved we got a little breeze.  Next stop was lunchtime, we stopped off at a park which conveniently had a dock to park up the boat (very technical term!!) After our tummies where suitably filled we headed back towards Manor marine, cruised a little, Swam a little (not me!) and took in the sites and the wildlife.


    What a day! To be repeated! For sure! 💕

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    1. Sarah
      July 17, 2019 / 3:57 pm

      Cutest little pumpkins ♥️

      • lifeatbelgrove
        July 17, 2019 / 3:57 pm

        😂😂😂 so cute!

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